Upcoming Events in 2016

RMBS 2016 Presentations and  Workshops  

Our 2016 calendar is just about wrapped up, but here’s a view of some of the events we hosted this year!

January 2016 Annie Hesse

Saturday, January 16th – 9:30 am  Location – The Lowry Conference Center 1061 Akron Way Denver, CO 80230

Annie Hesse   Facebook  Etsy

Books for sale!! Bring your cash!!    Members – you will be the first to see the Bead Bazaar Class Guides if you attend the meeting!!

Workshops:  Friday Jan 15th, Saturday Jan 16th, Sunday Jan 17th, and Monday Jan 18th



February 2016 Bead Challenge

Annual Bead Challenge – all the entries will be from participants who purchased kits at the November Luncheon and will enter their piece into various categories and winners will be voted on by the attending Members!

Program and General Meeting: Saturday, February 20th  Lowry Conference Center, 1061 Akron Way, Denver, CO 80230


March 2016 Met Innmon

“One Thing Leads to Another, Inspiration, Cool Bits and Lessons Learned”    www.metbeads.com

Program and General Meeting:   Saturday March 12th 9:30 am  Lowry Conference Center, 1061 Akron Way, Denver, CO 80230, map

Workshops: Friday March 11th, Saturday March 12th, Sunday March 13th

MeanderingsWorkshop #1 Meanderings Friday,  March 11th – 9 am – 4 pm

Advanced, proficient with peyote stitch and herringbone   Member $71, Non-member $142

Honey Dew by Met Innmon

Workshop #2 Honey Dew Necklace Saturday,  March 12th – 1 pm – 4 pm

Intermediate   Member $50, Non-member $100
Tethered Vessels

Workshop #3 Tethered Vessels Pendant  Sunday,  March 13th – 9 am – 4 pm

Intermediate, prerequisites: Peyote and Herringbone stitches  Member $54, Non-member $108


April 2016   Ava Motherwell

Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church – 3885 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113  MAP

Ava Motherwell – Presentation on Vintage Beads

Program and General Meeting:  WEDNESDAY April 27th  6:00 pm


May 2016 MMary Hettmanspergerary Hettmansperger Fiber Artist         

Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church – 3885 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113  MAP

Program and General Meeting:  Thursday, May 19th   6:30 pm Workshops:  Thursday, May 19th, Friday May 20th, Saturday May 21st, Sunday May 22nd Linear Shapes & Pods - Mary Hettmansperger - 3-23

Linear Shapes and Pea Pods, Thursday, May 19th   9 am – 12 pm

Level: Beginner Metalwork   Member: $55   Non-Member: $110

Alternative Surfaces #2 - Mary Hettmansperger - 3-23

Alternative Surface, Friday May 20th   9am – 4pm

Level: Beginner Metalwork     Member: $82   Non-Member: $164

Hinges - Mary Hettmansperger - 3-23Hinges, Doors, Books and Lockets, Saturday May 21st   9 am – 4 pm

Level: Beginner Metalwork    Member: $84   Non-Member: $168

Unique Woven Connections - Mary Hettmansperger - 3-23

Unique Woven Connections, Sunday May 22nd   9 am – 4 pm

Level: Beginner Metalwork    Member: $83   Non-Member: $166


June 2016    The Naja 

Cloud Dome for Cell Phones Demo!

Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church – 3885 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113  MAP

Program and General Meeting:   Thursday, June 16th  6:30 pm

Erin Abernathy and Gail Siegel, employees of the Naja and avid metalsmiths, will be presenting the Nimbus Dome

This nifty photography system allows beaders, jewelry makers and metalsmiths a unique, inexpensive way to photograph their work using the Nimbus 4 piece set and a Smartphone. Detailed and clear images are a snap to take allowing you to use your time for beading, not photography. Each of the 4 pieces will be available the night of the demo at 10% off their regular price.

The Naja will be also bring some unique jigs that every beader should have in their toolbox.

The Naja is pleased to be able to work with the Rocky Mountain Bead Society. We’ve been members and have participated in the RM Bead Bazaar for at least 8 years. We feel that the metalsmithing community has a lot to offer local bead enthusiastic and we love to share our knowledge.

Nimbus 2Nimbus 4 Nimbus 1


July 2016    Bead Sampler

Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church – 3885 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113  MAP

Saturday, July 16th and Sunday, July 17th  2 sessions each day, 9-12 and 1-4   

Bead Sampler 2016 Classes 

RMBS Members get to select THREE free classes over two days!

Cancellations after July 4, 2016 or no-shows may be held responsible to pay for the kit fee of $20 per class.


 August 2016   Sherry Stokey –Micro Macramé Jewelry Artist   Sherri Stokey photo


Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church – 3885 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113  MAP

Program and General Meeting:

           Thursday, August 18th  6:30 pm


    Thursday, August 18th,  Friday Aug 19th,

    Saturday Aug 20th, Sunday Aug 21st

Zig Zag Micro Macramé Bracelet  Beginner Wrap Micro Macramé Wrap BraceletLeaves Micro Macramé Bracelet

Micro Macrame Workshop Information (photos, dates, times, cost, what to bring, what’s provided)

Registration Site


 September 2016     Mercado

Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church – 3885 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113  MAP

Program and General Meeting:  

SATURDAY, September 24th 10 am – 3 pm (set up at 9 am) 

$12.00 gets you (members only) a table to sell all of your unwanted beading supplies, inventory, finished pieces, books, DVDs.  Invite your family and friends to come shop!

Registration site to rent a table at the RMBS Mercado


October 2016   Kinga Nichols – Contemporary beadwork


Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church – 3885 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113  MAP

Program and General Meeting:  Thursday, October 20th   6:30 pm
Workshops: Thursday afternoon 10/20 : 3 hour class – A Drop of Dew Earrings
Friday – all day 10/21 : Bees Knees Pendant
Saturday – all day 10/22 : Sunrise and Sunset Bracelet
Sunday – all day 10/23 : Tiny Turtles Cuff

Tiny Turtles Cuff Sunrise and Sunset Cuff 2 Bee's Knees PendantA Drop of Dew Earrings







2016 holiday luncheon info

Click here for more information!




7 thoughts on “Upcoming Events in 2016

  1. Hello, I am a member of the Bead Society. I would like to know sigh up for the Annual Luncheon. Where is it going to be.
    Thank you,
    Julie Andersson

  2. Hi….
    IS it possible to see a list of all your teachers/instructors from the bead bazaar this year 2016 ?
    I am thinking of vending next year and would like to find a travel mate…met someone at beadfest who taught and was going to go back and was wanting to travel together, i cannot remember her name,,,
    Many thanks

  3. I would like to register for the RMBS Luncheon for November.
    Can someone call me so I can pay or where do I go to register please.
    Lee Nicholson
    720 949-2032.

    1. Hi Angela,

      I have asked Linda, our Membership Chair, to check on your membership and to verify your email address. I am very sorry that you have not received notifications and we will ensure that this problem gets resolved. For future reference, the Contact Us page on our website has email links to all of the Board members. You will get a faster response using those.

      Thank you,
      Diane Markt

  4. Greetings –

    I’m teaching a course at DU in January entitled “Craft, DIY, and the Making of Movements;” students will conduct fieldwork by participating in a craft community of their choice, and then write a grant proposal that imagines matching crafters/makers with social movements/nonprofits to fulfill that organization’s mission.

    For those students interested in beading (including novices and those more advanced), I’d love to be able to direct them to your organization. Will you have any events in January? Students will need to participate in their events by Friday, 2/10.

    I’d also like to invite interested members of the society to table at DU’s Maker’s Market, scheduled for Tuesday, 2/28 from 12-2 pm (sponsored by the DU Center for Sustainability). The Maker’s Market seeks to provide a space where DU staff, faculty, students community members and professional local makers can share their stories, their process, and their wares with the DU community.

    We’re particularly interested in crafters who might share their techniques, in addition to presenting items for purchase. If interested in tabling at this event, here’s a link to a survey: https://goo.gl/forms/j5Hs1LqoQ3HI6O8z1 Once completed, Center for Sustainability staff will contact you to arrange the details.

    Thank you for your time – I look forward to hearing from you!


    Libby Catchings, Ph.D.
    Teaching Assistant Professor, UWP
    University of Denver

    1. I apologize for our lack of response to your message. We recently changed ownership of the website, and I just discovered these comments. Since the information provided in your message has already expired, please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

      Diane Markt
      Rocky Mountain Bead Society

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