2018 KPG Heavy Set

Heavy Set

Sunday, Sept. 23rd, 9am to 4pm

Skill Level: Advanced, must have soldering and ring making experience

Bezel setting just grew up. No longer reserved for bezel wire this setting will be constructed from heavy silver stock. From there we will work with a series of burs to create a seat to set the stone. You will need to bring steady hands for this project. Students will choose either a pendant or a ring to make.

Students must bring:

  1. Optivisor or the like (this is a must)
  2. Ott light (optional)
  3. Chain nose pliers
  4. Flat nose pliers
  5. Ultra Flush side cutters
  6. Nylon nose pliers
  7. Ring clamp
  8. Parallel pliers (optional)
  9. Round bezel mandrel
  10. Divider or digital caliper
  11. Bezel setting tool
  12. Needle files
  13. Bench pin (C-clamp)
  14. Toothbrush