About Us

The purpose of the Rocky Mountain Bead Society
  • Advance the study of and education about beads
  • Encourage and promote public appreciation for beads and the art of beading
  • Disseminate information about beads and beading
  • Develop and administer programs concerning beads and beading

The Rocky Mountain Bead Society (RMBS) was founded in 1992 by Past President Leslie Sartor to help people interested in bead study and beading techniques find a way to share knowledge and explore new dimensions. Twenty-five people came to the first meeting. Today, we have over 200 members and, like our membership, our society continues to grow.

We provide exciting, informative, and relevant programs and workshops with locally and nationally recognized people in their fields.  Society members frequently bring beads and their latest creations to share and sell.

Our Society has bead lovers of all descriptions. Members vary in their mediums; seed beaders, beaded jewelry, polymer clay, precious metal clay (PMC) or wire wrapping. Some of us are fine jewelers and some of us are weavers or create wearable art. Some of us are authors, business owners, artisans or speakers. But whatever we do, we have fun!

Events, Classes, and Workshops

The RMBS sponsors Programs and Classes and Workshops by local and visiting artists and collectors.

We also sponsor an annual nationally recognized Bead Bazaar.

Our meetings are held at The Spirit of Hope Church in Englewood, CO.


And who does all the work required to keep our organization working so wonderfully, why it’s everyone in the RMBS, led by a large group of Officers and Committees, all volunteers, of course!

Membership in the Society

Membership in the RMBS is for a year from the month you join. Membership fees are reasonable and tiered for individuals, families, artisans and businesses who may join the society by completing membership registration with the applicable fees. Local participating shops often offer society members discounts.

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The Rocky Mountain Bead Society publishes newsletters as email blasts each month before the general membership meeting. It is made available to all our members.

Other Information

To write us, e-mail us, or speak with someone about the Society, please see our Contact Us page.

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