Metal Clay Magic Making Silver Jewelry the Easy Way

By Nan V. Mizushima
© Art Jewelry Magazine
Book Review by Mary Timme

First let me tell you I’m not a metal clay artist, but I do pretend sometimes. This book has joined a heavy hitting line up of books on metal clay. I like the techniques in this book and the explanations of different types of heat applied to metal clay and the results you get from each. The Tools and Materials section is really good because it shows the little ‘hot pot’ techniques up to the most wonderful of kilns. I also like the division of projects, meaning that one chapter is for beginners and then next chapter is intermediate and goes on to using more advanced techniques. There is a section for inspiration, resources, and suppliers and suggested reading that I find not really long, but very well presented. I also liked the idea of using sheet metal clay in what seemed to me unique ways, and of combining metal clay with glass and gem stones. I’d never thought of making a metal clay ring and that was fascinating also. This seems like a good book for metal clay enthusiasts.