Making Wire Jewelry and More

By Linda Chandler and Christine Ritchey
© Interweave Press
Book Review by Mary Timme

Not being a ‘stringing’ sort of beading person, I didn’t think I’d like this book. Wow! Was I wrong! I love this book! For one thing, instead of drawings or ill-lighted videos, we have actual, clear, concise pictures of how to do a certain thing. And it starts simple and gets more complex. You can really build your expertise following this book. Every now and then a small-bead beading person has to do some wire techniques and I, for one, always feel like a fumble-fingers when that happens. I have a lot more confidence after reading this because I see how the magic is accomplished. And yes, I can do it too. I really like this book and recommend it highly to the accomplished and beginner wire person. The authors know what they are talking about and have excellent hints for everyone–and the photography is excellent!