Introduction to Beadwork Bracelets

By Jill Devon and Liz Thornton, Editors
The Beadworkers Guild, £16.50 (including overseas p&p), 2000
The Beadworkers Guild, P.O.Box 24922, London, SE23 3WS, or

I’ve mulled and gone back and forth over this book many times and after much reversionary thinking, I still don’t know if I like this book or not. I have a hard time reviewing it because there are some things I like and yet . . . This book just leaves me feeling that way.

To be more factual about it, here is the thinking of the moment. This book is particularly good for beginners and has some ideas that might spark a few intermediate beaders. The tip page is okay, addressing some items it would never occur to me to think of doing, but I’m sure someone somewhere did or those things wouldn’t be included. It never occurred to me to reuse thread, for example. Maybe it is because my heart has too much Irish whimsy to ever go there. Whatever the reason, it is one of the tips. I found most of the bracelets rather common, but again some that I thought, “Oh, good idea to combine those beads with that technique.” It is a book that I think I’m glad I’ve added to my library, but I would suggest that you check it out of the RMBS library first to see if you really want and need this book.