Fine Silver Made Fun An Introduction to Precious Metal Clay

By Nana V. Mizushima
A Book Review by Mary Timme

This is sort of a pre-book review as this book isn’t out yet, but we were able to see some of the projects and get a good look at the tips. Because I know nothing of Precious Metal Clay (PMC), I learned a lot in looking over this book. The section about TIPS was especially good. It showed how to use a ‘hot pot’, quick tip on drying PMC, how to keep it moist, how to burnish the PMC and why that is necessary, how to make PMC slip, and what a PMC ‘sheet’ is and how to work with it. The projects seemed simple enough and interesting to do. I’d want to see more, but when this book comes out it looks like it would be a good investment for those who are interested in PMC.