Colorworks The crafter’s guide to color

By Deb Menz
© Interweave Press, April 2004, $24.95
A Book Review by Mary Timme

Every now and then you find a book you absolutely love! This is one of those times. Personally, I’m taking a Color and Design class and color is one of my favorite subjects. So many times when you study color it becomes a morass of terms. The worst part is that not everyone uses the same terms for everything. I hate when that happens. In this book I found the technical terms were at a minimum and I could breathe a sigh of relief. At the same time, every aspect was covered from yarn and fiber, to threads, to beads, to paper, and different techniques of working with each. Talk about comprehensive. The largest section that really delves into value is invaluable. The book is written with the lay person in mind and I found thinking of value in Major Keys and Minor Keys a wonderful tool. Also included at the back of a book are lots of your very own tools to use that include a color star with blackout pages showing Split Compliments of every kind as well as Triads, 2 types of Tetrads, and a Hexad.
What I’ve described above is only part of the book. There are color photos with 9 to 12 squares displaying the difference in each hue family. There is also a section where the discussion is how different media (fiber for spinning, fiber for weaving and fabrics already woven, beads and paper) affect the color in the finished product. It is a GOOD book.