Beadsmith’s PowerPro A Product Review

I’ve never reviewed a product before, but this one has totally beguiled me with its good points. I read about this product in B&B and wondered what it was. I sent for PowerPro, not really knowing what I would get.

PowerPro comes in two sizes, a 10-pound test and a 20-pound test. I used the 10-pound test in white; it comes in a silver-gray and a white color. I used it for making necklaces and it was a great experience. Because I use Japanese seed beads, or Delicas, the diameter of the thread is not a problem, but for the record, the size is .006 inch, which is close to a size F Nymo thread. This PowerPro thread is a braided beading thread and very strong. The only problem I experienced is a little tendency to knot when I get tired and tug too hard on it. This, of course, happens when I’ve been beading for too long without a break and have just changed thread and it is very long. The thread tends to melt just enough when glue or nail polish is added to a knot to make it very secure. Price tends to vary. I’ve paid from $5.99 to almost $10 for a 28-yard spool of the same strength. Either price is a lot for 28 yards, but for specialized applications it is worth the price. I’m hoping to see this product in more stores in the future.