The Beading of My Heart 52 Loom Beading Projects

A Beadwork magazine project book
By Mary L. Thompson
Eagle’s View Publishing, $15.95, 2001
Eagle’s View Publishing; A WestWind, Inc. Company,
6756 North Fork Rd., Liberty, UT 84310

This book I picked up because I’m always interested in learning new things about looms and the process of weaving with beads on a loom. The author usually uses a new loom-a mini loom of about 3″ X 4″ and leaves her product on the loom, attaching a hanger of some sort for hanging. The how-to section of her book is very detailed and has lots of good information.

Her charts are done in what I consider a difficult to read format. She uses rows of numbers that stand for colors of beads without the benefit of bead ovals or squares. Some people might find this easier to read than the usual charts. Her charts are also done in black and white, and while there are pictures of her finished work in color, it would involve a lot of page flipping to see it for reference. I didn’t care for that arrangement of finished work and charts although I can understand her reason for doing that.

Her designs are somewhat primitive in nature, using basic colors in an arrangement that has a simplistic or primitive feel. Most of the designs seem to be North American Indian inspired so that feel fits the structure of the loom as hanger and choice of beads. There are some innovative techniques in using designs inspired by Two Grey Hills rugs. These are well executed and faithful to the colors used by this area. Another was making the design hang horizontally when it had been executed vertically. That was very effective.

There is a lot of good information in this book and I’d like to say nothing but positive things about it, but I was disappointed before I’d reached the end. Most of the book is devoted to charts and not to creativity. The information is sound though and the techniques have the advantage of being clearly understood. This book assumes the reader will use Czech beads and has formulas for figuring out how much to buy of certain colors. Most books won’t touch such an issue and this one does. I think this is a good book for someone just beginning to do beading with a loom. It isn’t intimidating as many others can be. There are graphs of different sizes and for different bead sizes. It is a good, non intimidating book for beginners.