2014 Bead Challenge

February 22, 2014     Sat. 9:30 am-12 pm

Come on everybody and participate!

Don’t be shy!  Your work does not have to a masterpiece.  This is  an opportunity to share your work with other members of  RMBS.     

Entry for Bead Challenge 2014     

Complete one for each entry, print and bring with you


 The categories have been expanded to include a wider variety of our member’s talents.

Please limit submissions to work done in the last 18 months.

One submission per person per category, limit submissions to 3 categories per person.

You may enter projects done from patterns from a media source but please credit that source on your entry form.

For every 10 submissions in a category there will be one prize awarded up to 3 prizes per category.

For example, If one category has 10 submissions, 1 prize of $40 will be awarded.

First Place =- $40, Second Place = $30 Third Place = $20

*Beaded Jewelry 

*Stitched beadwork technique where peyote, herringbone, right angle weave or brick stitch is the primary method of construction

*Necklace, bracelet, pin, earrings, etc.

*beaded beads that are strung

*Beaded Object

*not meant to be worn as jewelry

*Stitched beadwork technique

*sculpture or box or decorative object

*Beaded on a backing

* Beaded Embroidery Jewelry

*Necklace, bracelet, pin, earrings, etc.

*Beaded on a backing

 *Strung Jewelry

*Necklace, bracelet, pin, earrings, etc.

*Any type of bead or object strung on thread, leather, or wire cable, etc.

 *Polymer Clay

*Jewelry and Beads

* Polymer Clay Object

  *Metal work 

*Any metal technique or material

*Can incorporate wire work, PMC

*Chainmaille,  silversmithing, etc.

*Other Media

*Resins, mixed media, leathers, knotting, micro-macrame, kumihimo

*jewelry or object with or without beads


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