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Application Timeline

December 31,2011: Applications due
January 31,2012: Notification of accepted classes
February 16, 2012: Class samples due either drop them off at the RMBS meeting or mail to:

Rocky Mountain Bead Bazaar Class Coordinator
P.O. Box 16086
Golden, Co 80402

March: Online registration begins and RMBS Spring newsletter will include class listings
April 28-29: Class time and samples returned
May: Payments sent

Accepted classes: Notifications will be sent by January 31, 2012. Some or all of the information you provide on this application may be used in promotional materials for the event. RMBS reserves the right to edit content for space and or style. You will have one 24-hour opportunity to review your materials that will be used in the class brochure when your class is accepted.

  • Project Samples are due February 16, 2012, for advertising by RMBS; samples will be returned to you at the Bead Bazaar, prior to the start of your class.
  • The teacher establishes the per-student class fee and the price of the kit.
  • RMBS will only collect class fees for each registered student.
  • Teachers will collect kit fees from each student at the time of the class.
  • RMBS will not be involved in collecting kit fees.
  • Teachers will receive a check for 70% of the class fees within 30 days of the end of the 2012 RMBS Bead Bazaar.
  • Teachers who earn greater than $600 will be provided with a Tax Form 1099 for their 2012 taxes.

RMBS will provide each instructor a classroom with round plastic-covered tables plus chairs to accommodate the number of registered students, one table and chair for the instructor, and one table for any additional kits/supplies you might sell. Please note that if you plan to sell additional kits, supplies, instructions, or other materials in your classroom, you are fully responsible for any sales tax  .  Remember that the RMBS is NOT responsible for loss or theft of any items left in the classroom. All classrooms have access to electricity; however, you may want to bring in additional extension cords and/or power strips.

Instructors are expected to bring or advise their students to bring everything else that is necessary for their class, i.e., tools, materials, OTT lights, etc.

If you are published or are included in any books and you would like us to stock it at the RMBS book table, please email us with the titles and any other information that would facilitate ordering them. We cannot guarantee that we will stock them, but we will attempt to do so within availability, time, and budget constraints.

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