Grant Process


The following guidelines and application form have been established to enable the RMBS Board of Directors to use the Society’s financial resources wisely for funding requests from organizations having goals in common with the RMBS.


  • Applicant organizations must be classified as a not-for-profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service;
  • Applicant organizations located and operated in the State of Colorado will be given preference;
  • Activities funded must meet at least one of the goals of RMBS;
  • Generally, RMBS will make only one grant to a given organization in the course of a calendar year, but the RMBS Board has the discretion to make grants to multiple departments within an institution or multiple grants to a single institution in some circumstances.

The RMBS Board generally will not consider:

  • Grants or loans to individuals
  • Education or scholarship aid
  • Grants for labor costs


A not-for-profit organization requesting funding must submit the grant application form containing the information requested on the form. Additional pages may be attached to provide any pertinent details.

Grant applications may be submitted at any time and the RMBS Board will make every effort to act on the application within two months of receipt.

Within one year of receiving a grant, grantees shall submit a report to the RMBS Board detailing the use of the funds and an overall assessment of the program or project funded.

Grantees are requested to assist in promoting the Rocky Mountain Bead Society and the annual Bead Bazaar, without which, these funds would not be available.

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